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ADE project held the Critical Design Review

Last May 18, ADE project held the Critical Design Review (CDR) to set out detailed designs, review current project status, and the status of the SW under development, as well as the prototypes, via videoconference.
The goal for the ADE CDR was to review the work performed during the last phase of the project, the final design document as well as the final definition of the test scenarios.
During the review, each partner provided its presentation and the main topics were the integration of the rover ADE avionics in the rover system as well as ADE overall design, including the ground system, the simulator, the ground truth system, and the so-called ADAM system, that includes systems for localization and perception, rover guidance, mobile manipulation, locomotion harness, FDIR tools, onboard planning and scheduling, and sensors that use OG4 interface.
During the meeting, reviewers agreed on the completeness and the high degree of detail of the documents provided. There was a common consensus on the difficulties to be faced, but also of the clear advances concerning the previous milestone (PDR) that was held in November 2019.
The meeting was attended by partners from the consortium, plus the European Commission’s technical officer and PSA representatives for assessment of the final result, a resounding success in all cases.

The project thus crosses its equator and embarks on the next phase, which will see the start of implementation and integration of all developed technology, that will be performed till the TRR event, in which the system will be ready for the field tests.