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On February 12, 2019 the KOM of ADE took place in GMV premises, Madrid.

Autonomous Desion Making in very long traverse (ADE) Project is targeting the tenth operational Grant (OG10) of the 2018 call, namely Operational Grant 10 within the second part of the Space Robotics Technologies SRC.

The specific purpose of this phase is to integrate the common technology building blocks previously prepared in ground demonstrators, contributing to the development of space-robotics applications in the field of orbital and planetary use (phase 0/A studies). These robotics applications address not only the future needs of space exploration and exploitation but also potential spin-off and spill-over effects to other areas of robotic activity on Earth, such as agricultural, automotive, mining, nuclear, or underwater.

GMV is leading the ADE Project together with 12 partners across Europe. This project is the natural continuation of ERGO (OG2)and its aim is to develop and test a rover system designed to increase data collection and perform autonomous long traverse surface exploration (with the aim of building up to 5 km). In addition to ERGO, ADE will guarantee fast reaction, mission reliability and optimal resource exploitation.

The Project will run for 24 months.