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How to use the Private Section

This section is to be used by ADE parners, exclusively. The section is accessed via Login in the upper right corner of the web site:


Once clicked in the “login” link, a new page appears in which it is possible to login, this page is as follows:



Here users have to type its username and password, and then they will be logged into the system. By default, users receive a password via a private mail.

How to change the password

In the top menu, select “Files”, a menu appears at the left part of the page, then select “profile”. At the bottom of the profile’s page we can see password field to be used for changing the user’s password.


To change the password, type the new password twice in the corresponding fields. At the bottom of this page, there is a button to “update profile”. Once it has been clicked, user will have his/her passwords modified.

Menu: private section

The main page changes and shows an horizontal menu of options, as shown below:


The options are as follows:

  • “News” is the section in which the changes to the web site will be published. It will contain all important events relative to the project. This section requires the corresponding privileges
  • “Pages” is used to add existing pages. This section is exclusive for those members that have the required privileges
  • “Files” is the section that we will use to upload deliverables and files that we want to exchange
  • “Forums” are forums of discussion for any issue that any ADE team member wants to discuss. Any thread of discussion can be created by a user, it is seen exclusively by the ADE team members, and each thread as a particular “Category” and a “Tag” that can be used to search

The “Files” utility

The “files” utility is the one used to exchange documents and files between the different partners. It is structured by deliverables.  The following is the view of the root directory of the directory structure:


As you can see, there is a set of directories, each directory for a particular deliverable.

To come back to the main menu, click on the upper left part of the page, where the title “” is.

The “Forums” utility

The “Forums” utility is to be used for threads of discussion about any issue/aspect that ADE partners think of interest. It is understood that it will cover many different issues, so it is of paramount importance that, when it is created, users will reference the main topic that the thread refers to.  Meanwhile the “Files” section will contain static documents that represent the status for a given item of information at a given moment in time (for instance, current status of the requirements), the forums are much more dynamic, allowing users to exchange information about any topic in a very quick way.

Once users click in the “Forum” link the list of issues appear on the screen as follows:


The default view shows all a complete list of all issues. On top of the screen, a set of filters is available so that users can select those threads that are open, resolved, closed, unanswered; those threads open by the users, or those for which the user has subscribed. (NOTE: as of today 13/12 the subscription does not work, do not use it until this feature is activated)

At the top of the “forum” page we can also query for a particular thread by name

For creating a thread, it is of paramount importance to set the right attributes, so that it can be properly identified later on by all users. The most important attribute of the thread is the “Category”. As of today, the following categories exist.

  • D1.1.- Technology plan
  • D1.2.- Requirements

That corresponds to the deliverables for SRR.

A field that complements the Category tab is the “Tag” field that in the case of requirements is being used for identifying the requirements.

As a matter of example, we can see the following item raised for a logging requirement:


The status for a question can be: Open/Closed or Resolved. Resolved is an intermediate state used to indicate that the issue is pending to be definitively closed.

Users that have raised the issue have also the possibility to modify (Edit) the issue or Delete it.

It is also  possible to subscribe to a given item by ticking on the “subscribe” box. When users subscribe to the item, they receive an email each time there is a new comment on it.

We can see that the item belongs to the “D1.2_Requirements” category” and also that it has several tags: “Section 6.4 Visualization & data”, VIS and VIS-R03. Note that several tags can be associated to a single thread just by providing a comma-separated list.

Once the thread is created by any users, all users can add comments to it (that will belong to this thread, using the part of the page shown below:


Future changes

We hope this will clarify your questions about the private section usage.

This how-to will be updated periodically as soon as new changes are added to the web site.